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We're here to help you save big on your software bills by negotiating for better deals on your behalf.

Running a startup is expensive. But, did you know that many businesses are spending up to 50% more for common SaaS tools than others? Discounts exist, we're here to help you get them.

By leveraging the power of group discounting, we can help you, and other startups just like yours, save thousands! Simply tell us about your biggest software bills and we'll take it from there.

Join the movement today and start saving. There's power in numbers.

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47 other founders have already signed up. Once we hit 1000, signups will be closed for a while. This will allow us to focus on negotiating the best deals possible for those startups first.

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    By negotiating on behalf of a big group like this, we can get the best deals possible!

    Which providers will you negotiate with?

    Absolutely anyone! Some of the most commonly requested vendors so far are Mailchimp, AWS, Heroku and Intercom. When you sign up, you'll get a chance to tell us which software tools you use and which ones you most want to save money on. When 1000 startups do the same, we'll aggregate the requests and focus on the most commonly requested vendors first.